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Home > Blog > August 2010 Blog
Product Image
August 25th, 2010
Moog Solves Problems and Improves Designs of Parts

Moog, a Federal-Mogul company, is known for designing OEM-compatible parts that fit perfectly and function according to OEM specifications.  But in addition to that, they also study worn and broken parts that are returned to them, and design changes to the part that will eliminate flaws that cause problems and lead to premature failure of parts.  Moog parts are continually improving.  They also design parts to be easier to install.  Moog parts can help you restore your vehicle to that “like new” (or even better than new), performance. The Moog product line is constantly evolving.  Existing parts keep getting better and new parts are added regularly.  Moog has been making exceptionally high quality and durable parts for many years, ...

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August 25th, 2010
Bosal Is Engineering The Future Now

Bosal, known as the leading manufacturer of complete exhaust systems for both OEM and the aftermarket, knows that to stay current and competitive they need to be innovating new and better products now that their customers will want over the next 5 to 10 years.  The need to reduce carbon emissions fuels a demand for more efficient vehicles and is behind Bosal’s dedication to developing lighter and more efficient exhaust systems and innovating new methods of handling high temperature gas flow. The thickness of materials used in exhaust system manufacturing has been reduced significantly over the past 10 years, while still retaining the ability to handle higher combustion temperatures.  Going forward, gasoline engines are likely to continue getting smaller and...

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August 25th, 2010
CARDONE Sells Hard-To-Find Late-Model Parts

Previously only available through dealers, CARDONE also sells the hard-to-find high-tech late-model parts you need at more economical prices.  CARDONE’s “C-Tec” products now make these hard-to-find parts available to you at more reasonable prices.  This includes parts such as electronic power steering pumps, electro-hydraulic power steering, electronic throttle body assemblies, electric smog pumps, interactive vehicle dynamic (IVD) power brake boosters, ABS systems, controller area network (CAN) window lift motors and speed sensitive wiper motors. For those rare times that a part is not available, you can still utilize CARDONE’s 48-hour rebuild and return service.  At last, there is a true alternative to dealers - whatever your part n...

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Product Image
August 25th, 2010
Auto VentShade Products

Auto VentShade is a Lund International Company, so they have the strength and stability of the Lund name behind them.  Auto Ventshade makes products that fit your windows to keep sun and weather out, and let fresh air in, as well as products that protect your vehicle or add a stylish accent.  Auto VentShade products are made specifically for your vehicle, for a perfect fit.  They fit the style of your vehicle and are not just functional, but also a stylish accent that flows with the lines of your vehicles.  All products feature easy installation with automotive grade tape, no tools required.  Auto VentShade products include: Ventvisor, Aerovisor and the original Ventshade for protection from the weather and sun, while allowing fresh air to circulat...

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