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Home > Blog > January 2012 Blog
Product Image
January 26th, 2012
Audi's New Super Bowl Ad Vanquishes Blood Suckers

With the big game coming up, we're not sure whether to be more excited for the action during the matchup, or the commercials during the breaks. Everyone knows the Super Bowl showcases the year’s best ads and, like many others, we can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store. Apparently Audi couldn’t wait either, and released this clever Super Bowl ad early, featuring a camp of festive vampires and the Audi S7’s new LED headlights, which would make the AS7 the ride of choice for any vampire hunter. ...

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Product Image
January 23rd, 2012
CES 2012 Highlight: Motion-Controlled Controlled Motorized Skateboard

We’ve been trying to provide some of the best automotive-focused technology from the 2012 International CES, but sometimes there are some non-auto gadgets so impressive we can’t help but share. The so called, “Board of Awesomeness” (actual name) was one such example, and though you won’t be parking it in your driveway, it does have four wheels and that’s good enough for us. What makes the “Board of Awesomeness” so awesome? First of all it’s powered by a 36 volt motor and can go up to 32 MPH, but those specs are pretty much yawn-worthy compared to how it’s controlled. At the front of the board is a jerry-rigged Samsung tablet computer and a gesture-recognizing camera b...

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Product Image
January 19th, 2012
CES 2012 Highlight: Android-Enabled Touch Screen Rear View Mirror

The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) went down last week and we’ve seen plenty of new and impressive gadgets that we would love to have for our morning commutes. One that stood out was a video-enabled rear view mirror that doubles as a touch screen display with the Android operating system. First all we could think about was how distracting a touch screen display would be staring back at you in the rear view mirror, but once we got over that it was pretty exciting to see the capabilities and conveniences a touch screen mirror could provide. With a few taps of the rear view you could pair a hands-free device, get directions, or check the weather forecast. All you wouldn’t be able to do is, well, lo...

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Product Image
January 18th, 2012
Comparative Shopping Sites: Why Auto Parts Buyers Should Beware

When searching for auto parts online, it’s easy to find yourself at a comparative shopping site. Comparative shopping sites are online portals that aggregate thousands of places your product is being sold online so you can find the lowest price. These sites are great for clothes, DVDs, or other products that will provide equal performance wherever they come from, but when it comes to auto parts there are a few reasons comparative shopping sites probably aren’t your best choice.  The problem with comparative shopping sites is that the only real comparison is price. When it comes to quality, warranty, and customer satisfaction, most of these sites do very little to let you know anything about where your product is coming from. When buying a part for your veh...

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Product Image
January 13th, 2012
Ford's Uses Extreme Weather Tunnel for Vehicle Testing

I stumbled across a recent Popular Mechanics article the other day that described the ways Ford tests it’s vehicles in the most extreme weather conditions. I had always assumed they took the vehicles and tested them on location, but in the Ford testing facility, it turns out the most extreme weather conditions can be found without ever leaving the garage. It’s more of a wind tunnel than a garage, actually – much like the ones you see featured in some luxury and sport vehicle commercials to showcase the elegant and aerodynamic shape of each model. This wind tunnel, however, simulates a lot more t...

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Product Image
January 11th, 2012
Best Parking Job Ever?

I’ve seen cars end up in some bizarre places – on top of other cars, on lawns, and through the front of store windows, but all of those feats have been put to shame by a California man who successfully landed his (he stole it actually, so not his) car on top of a house. No ramps were involved, just speed and idiocy. After stealing a 4 door sedan, the man reportedly lost control of the vehicle at a high speed before being launched into the air and perching cleanly on top of the slanted roof of a California home. After sticking the landing, the car thief fled from the scene (the first ‘hit’ of a rooftop I’m sure) and was apprehended shortly after.   No one was serio...

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Product Image
January 9th, 2012
2012 Detroit Auto Show Coverage

What better way to kick off 2012 than with brand new cars, customs, and concepts at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show which opened its doors today. Also known as the North American International Auto Show, hosted in the COBO Center in Detroit, the show runs from January 9th - 22nd and is the largest auto show in the United States. We’ve been following the action on a few different auto-focused blogs, and since we weren’t at the show personally, we thought we would share some of our favorite sites that are now covering the biggest auto show in the US.   Check out the pictures, articles, and videos here: ...

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Product Image
January 6th, 2012
Christmas Continues at APN

Christmas is over and by this point the trees have been tossed and the lights and decorations have been boxed up until you have to deal with the tangled mess next December. But while Christmas may be stuffed in your attic now, we're still celebrating here at APN with great Holiday deals that you can take advantage of until January 15th.  The way we see it, why should you have to pay more for automotive products and accessories just because New Year's is over? We say celebrate the New Year and save some cash with extended savings on the top automotive brand accessories. That way you kick off 2012 with big savings and a great new look for your car, truck, or SUV.    So if you're a car lover,...

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