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Home > Blog > March 2012 Blog
Product Image
March 28th, 2012
An Audio System so Loud it Breaks Windshields

Have you ever had to replace a windshield? Most of us have been through the process due to kicked up debris, extreme temperatures, and even your occasional random act of vandalism. Windshields break for all kinds of reasons, but few can say their windshield was broken by the sound of their own car stereo systems. A member of that few (and he seems proud too) is the guy featured in this video who cranks the volume well over 11and up to whatever number causes windshields to vibrate to the point of shattering. I would think it would get pretty annoying when your windshield breaks every time the bass line drops, but the driver seems pretty excited about it. Laugh while you can, bu...

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Product Image
March 26th, 2012
Microsoft’s Mustang Packs Computing Power and Horsepower

How many high tech features, mobile electronics, and high tech accessories can you pack into a 2012 Mustang? Thanks to a recent project undertaken by Microsoft and West Coast Customs, we now know. The retrofit Mustang 1967 body kit makes it look like the classic image of raw American muscle, but this ride has plenty of brains to match the brawn. The classic look is contrasted by the latest automotive gadgets, including a touch screen dashboard display featuring the new Windows 8 OS, a rear windshield that doubles as a projector screen, front and rear cameras that can be viewed remotely with a Windows Phone, full internet connectivity, and even an Xbox that can be played online through the heads up display. You can even use the car as a remote microphone to ward off ...

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Product Image
March 22nd, 2012
Introducing the BatMobile Err I Mean DeltaWing

It may never actually be piloted by the caped crusader, but the new Nissan DeltaWing certainly looks like something out of a comic book. But instead of cruising the streets of Gotham City, the DeltaWing was designed to tear through laps on a racetrack. That said, it does have potential to demonstrate some superpowers in the racing world. Backed by Nissan and Michelin, the DeltaWing project focuses on furthering the motorsport industry by innovating a vehicle that maximizes efficiency with optimal aerodynamic properties, heightened fuel economy, and lowered tire consumption all while delivering exceptional speed and performance. To test the new creation, the DeltaWing will run in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s oldest endurance ...

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Product Image
March 20th, 2012
Shipping Something? Save By Letting Your Stuff Hitch a Ride with

  Gas prices have been rising consistently over the past month and you may be noticing just how much of our lives are dependent on the fuel that powers vehicles from A to B. The first task that comes to mind is, of course, transporting ourselves, our friends, family members, and pets. But what about our stuff? Understandably, shipping your belongings has been made increasingly expensive with rising gas prices as well. Now there’s a way to skirt the rising costs of shipping with a new online service that essentially lets your belongings hitch a ride with someone who is already headed your way. facilitates communication between people who are t...

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Product Image
March 14th, 2012
Colored Rims? How About Colored Tires?

When most people think of custom wheel options, they think of tricked out rims and hubcaps. But what about custom colors on your tires? Whitewall tires are still popular among some enthusiasts but Bridgestone is planning to expand tire options well beyond black and white. With Bridgestone’s new tire printing technology, they can actually deliver tire sidewalls with whatever color, pattern, or design you want. Using super-durable, fade-resistant ink, Bridgestone plans to offer custom printing on tire sidewalls adding yet another custom option for drivers that want to style their wheels. The new tire printing options also presents a new canvas for advertisers w...

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Product Image
March 12th, 2012
Vintage Jaguar Bookcase

Wondering what to do with your vintage Jaguar? Neither are we, but if we did have a vintage Jaguar to get rid of I doubt we would have come up with the application dreamed up by Dutch design studio, denieuwegeneratie. Instead of selling it for scrap metal, they took a different approach, converting the old Jag into a bookshelf! We’re likely to pronounce the studio’s name correctly before we guess why a bookshelf of all things was decided upon, but I suppose it’s more functional than crunching it into a metal cube or sticking it in a garage somewhere. The images posted show it perched upright on the rear bumper so I can only hope it’s secured well enough that you don’t have to worry about falling victim to a vehicle fatality w...

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Product Image
March 8th, 2012
The Latest, Greatest, and Craziest: Geneva Motor Show 2012

The 2012 Geneva Motor Show opened this week and we’re already seeing some amazing wheels being showcased. With wacky designs and extreme horsepower, Switzerland’s annual automotive extravaganza is always sure to showcase some of the most amazing automotive spectacles of the year. Among the many highlights was a one-of-a-kind open-top Lamborghini that sold for 2.8 million, a 1,200 horsepower Bugatti convertible, Bentley SUV, and many other high-octane rides that are just as visually striking as they are powerful. Despite all the plethora of super performance engines and sleek streamlined designs, technology won over this year with the Chevy Volt taking the prestigious Car of the Year award. After a series of rigorou...

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Product Image
March 7th, 2012
(Don’t) Look At This Invisible Mercedes!

  Have they invented the world’s first invisible car? This video of Mercedes’ new hydrogen powered F-Cell might make you think so, but it’s not actually the case. That is, unless you consider environmental visibility, since the F-Cell boasts 0.0 environmental impact. As for the cloaking effect featured in the thumbnail above, that’s a clever stunt that Mercedes launched to promote their new vehicle that is “invisible” to the environment. To do it, the people at Mercedes equipped a vehicle with a series of cameras on one side and a shroud of LEDs on the other to display the camera view and create the illusion of tra...

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