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Home > Blog > June 2012 Blog
Product Image
June 13th, 2012
Mercedes SL Application Helps Owners Look the Part

Mercedes has created an app to make you look just as good as the car you drive, specifically if you drive the new 2013 Mercedes SL. Seriously. With the roadster’s sleek and sexy frame, the SL Bodywork app is a personalized fitness program aiming for drivers to feel and look good, whether they’re in or out of the car. The app is tailored for the typical Mercedes driver, mostly Type A personalities, allowing them to earn badges as fitness goals are reached as well as providing exclusive rewards to increase motivation. In an effort to help SL owners look the part, the SL Bodywork app is just the first in a line of apps to make Mercedes vehicles more than a car but a “wellness oasis and fitness studio in one”.  (...

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Product Image
June 7th, 2012
The Apple iCar That Will Never Be

It began with the iPod, then the iPhone, the iPad , and now an iCar? Apple board member Mickey Drexler states that the late Steve Job’s dream was to create an iCar. Can you imagine? An Apple built vehicle! A car integrated with touch screens, connectivity to the aforementioned Apple products, and Siri voice recognition on the road—all executed with Apple’s signature minimalist, sleek style. Unfortunately, without Jobs it is unlikely that the iCar will ever be manufactured. Instead, current heads at Apple have recently been granted a patent for a steering-wheel-mounted remote or something or another. It’s kind of lame and seems like a step back for the visionary brand. Many Apple fanatics are sure to be fantasizing about other possibilitie...

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Product Image
June 5th, 2012
What's Your Favorite Color of...Car?

Picture a Ferrari, any Ferrari. Luxury, style, fast, sexy and red. These all come to mind. Color is an essential way to sell a vehicle, but Jim Parker, Head of Exterior Color & Trim Studio shares that it goes beyond that, “It’s about what colors best express the brand and product, while still being able to touch the broad taste spectrum of our consumer base.” There are a lot of auto brands in the market with very distinctive color palettes. In the early 2000’s you may recall a lot of yellow Nissan XTerra’s on the road. It seems like that yellow fever (no relation to the disease) was passed down to Chevrolet’s Camaro, undoubtedly made popular by Michael Bay’s 2007 blockbuster Transformers. What both vehicles emulate with the col...

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