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Home > Blog > October 2012 Blog
Product Image
October 30th, 2012
Futuristic Car Features

There aren’t any flying cars yet but that doesn’t mean that there are some cool futuristic car features coming soon (or are already here). While the idea of hovercrafts are pulled from sci-fi literature, movies, and The Jetsons, automakers are focusing on features that help drivers navigate the road in more safe and efficient ways. Take the Blind Spot Intervention and Automatic Lane Correction system. Whatever the situation, we’ve all had close calls with other vehicles because of blind spots or drifting into another lane. The Blind Spot Intervention featur...

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Product Image
October 25th, 2012
Why White Cars

Long ago are the days when silver reigned as the color of choice for vehicles in the US. Maybe it’s because of its neutral nature, its practicality, or its popularity with other brands and products (I’m looking at you, Apple), but white is the new silver. Let’s consider why the color white is the new trend—there are plenty of advantages, as well as some disadvantages, of owning a white vehicle. ...

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Product Image
October 23rd, 2012
Cars Becoming Too Social?

For decades, car enthusiasts and average consumers have had a checklist when it comes to buying a car—brand, color, MPG—and newer technology like touch screen dashboards and the ability to sync your phone with a car have been generally welcomed. However, recent adverts from big brand name companies have been pushing other technological features as selling points for their vehicle—mainly components that work with social media. Yes, it seems like social media ...

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Product Image
October 18th, 2012
Cars We All (Secretly) Want

Whether you saw it in the movies, at a car show, or just on the internet, there is that just ONE car that you (secretly) wish you owned. Some may hide their obsession for these cars because it’s just too much of fantasy, often blurring the line of acceptable obsession when it comes to fictional, inanimate objects. From classic, to subtle, to outright ridiculously cool cars, here are a couple cars we would all want to own. It’s easy to fall for cars seen in the media. There are several cars from television that made the jump from ...

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Product Image
October 16th, 2012
Driver-less Cars Coming Sooner Than You Think

“Today we’re looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow’s reality—the self-driving car,” stated California governor Jerry Brown, as he signed the state legislation that will pay the way for driverless cars. Google has been testing autonomous vehicles for years now and believes that self-driving cars will be available on the market within the next 10 years. After safely experiencing a trip to Google’s headquarters in a self-driving Prius, Brown supports the new technology with a legislation that will esta...

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Product Image
October 11th, 2012
Car Rivalries

Mac vs PC, Coca Cola vs Pepsi, McDonalds vs every other burger franchise—rivalries between companies are inevitable when it comes to selling similar products to the same specific groups of people. The automotive industry is no different, whatever type of vehicle—luxury, SUV, or gas efficient—are all aimed towards similar demographics. Whether it’s the automotive companies at each other’s throats or particular cars they produce, here are a couple of the most notorious car rivalries. ...

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Product Image
October 9th, 2012
The Best Cartoon Cars

Nowadays, kids watching epic superheroes like Batman and Optimus Prime from Transformers are discovering these characters in a completely different way compared to generations past. For example, kids probably got their first taste of the Batmobile in Christopher Nolan’s reality grounded Batman Trilogy. Yes, the military style ‘bat tumbler’ worked in that incarnation, but it wasn’t the batmobile that many grew up with watching the animated series. And as for Optimus Prime (and the rest of the robotic cast from Michael Bay’s Transformers) the fact that he wasn’t a cartoon was enough to make any fan ‘roll out’ of their mind. ...

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Product Image
October 4th, 2012
Automotive Frankenstein Furniture

Car enthusiasts are familiar with utilizing new and old car partsto help restore or build cars they’re working on. But can car parts be used for other things then well, a car? Apparently, yes. Check out these pieces of furniture and other household items made from car parts that even Frankenstein might be scratching his head about. Let’s start off with the basics that aren’t too out there like the car bed, sofa, and desk. You’ve seen a car shaped bed before (maybe you even had one as a kid) so this shouldn’t be too much of a shocker, but this is the ...

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Product Image
October 2nd, 2012
Driving In The City

If you work in the city then you know what a hassle commutes can be. Between rush hour, busses, and construction areas, it’s easy to forget how to enjoy urban spectacles you probably pass by on a daily basis. Here are a couple tips on how to enjoy your ride when going downtown. Give yourself a head start. You probably already know when peak hours of traffic occur—morning commutes to work, lunch runs, and everyone’s favorite, the ride back home—so do yourself a favor and avoid rush hour! Commuting half an hour earlier (or even later) can probably save you some headaches.  Earlier commutes not only give you the advantage of avoiding traffic but also will give ...

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