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Home > Blog > January 2013 Blog
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January 31st, 2013
Big Plans for Big Rigs

Sometimes the road is a scary place, and for some drivers having a semi at a close vicinity doesn’t help—the possibility of such a huge truck behind you isn’t the best situation when you might have to stop suddenly. So, in an effort to prevent these accidents (and even fatalities), crash-avoidance technology has recently been the focus of truck makers and the federal government. One truck maker already making moves toward a safer big rig is Volvo, who recently equipped one of their trucks with an automatic emergency brake. One Volvo system...

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January 29th, 2013
Simple Car Features We Love

It’s the simple things in life we forget and more often than not we take for granted the little things our vehicles can do other than get us from point A to point B. A vehicle’s features are built with the driver in mind and more and more modern cars have been integrating technology to keep up with our needs. Safety, comfort, and just plain convenience are all considered when building a vehicle. Here are some car features we wouldn’t be able to live without. Let’s start out with the basics: automatic door/trunk unlock. It’s alm...

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January 24th, 2013
Text Drivers via Licence Plate

Good Samaritans all over the world (or at least in San Francisco for now) can rejoice as CurbTXT, a new system allowing strangers to text you by actually using your license plate, launched late last year. Even though the system is completely anonymous, some may be put off by the idea of complete strangers texting you. However, the concept was made with good intentions—people who pass by your vehicle and notice that you’re blocking a driveway, or that your lights are still on, or even that your meter has run out, have an opportunity to text you and let you know. You could potentially avoid fines and being towed because of the CurbTXT system. ...

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January 23rd, 2013


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January 22nd, 2013
The Barrett-Jackson Auction Spectacle

Car auctions aren’t anything new. But when it comes to a Barrett-Jackson auction, one of the world’s largest collectors of distinctive cars, bidding for unique and valuable vehicles is more than an event, it’s a spectacle. Barrett-Jackson’s most recent auction in Scottsdale, AZ gathered auto enthusiasts around the world who had the chance to flex their bidding muscles. While each vehicle sold was notable, there were some select cars that really revved up the bid price. At an event like this, it’s possible that the motivation for buying...

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January 17th, 2013
Advanced Driver’s Ed

As a teenager, you believe and absorb everything your driving instructor tells you. Once you pass the driving test and receive a license, the rules of the road are second nature and you only get better and better with more experience behind the wheel. However, what if you wanted to take your driving skills to the next level? There are actually advanced driving courses available that can make you a better driver than you believe to be. Driving events in the UK is one example of how to really assess driving skill and how to improve upon it. Driving events inc...

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January 15th, 2013
Lexus' New Technology Revealed at CES

It seems as if the automated car is becoming more and more inevitable. Automakers are taking the steps to ultimately produce a vehicle that is smart enough to operate itself. The biggest issue when it comes to automated vehicles for both automakers and consumer is exactly how safe it will be. What is the technology that will allow drivers to let go of the wheel and let the car drive itself? This years’ CES (Consumer Electronics Show) proved to be the exhibition for such technology to be showcased. In particular, Lexus revealed a car that anticipates r...

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Product Image
January 10th, 2013
Survival 101: Vehicles

So how about that Mayan Apocalypse? Even though 2012 didn’t end with the bang that we were all (somewhat) worried about, there were probably some people out there preparing for the worse. Whether the end of civilization meant unforgiving climates, desolate seas, or an ultimate battle for survival, people are more than likely to search for areas that are at least bearable. How would they get there? With the right vehicle. ...

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January 8th, 2013
Ford’s New Lifestyle Apps

Newer models today come loaded with the latest technology—from navigation systems, keyless entry and cameras to cover every angle of your vehicle—car makers today are considering other factors when trying to figure out what new technology they can integrate to create a better driving experience. It’s no surprise that with the surge of smart phone ownership among consumers that automakers are focusing in on syncing your vehicle with your ever-present phone Ford has recently revealed several new apps for it’s ...

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January 4th, 2013
Ridiculous Road Rules

We can all probably agree that while some laws of the road are frustrating, e.g. no text while driving, speed limits, adhering to traffic signs. More often than not, these laws come from good intentions—mostly to ensure our safety—and ultimately create a better driving environment for everyone. While many drivers across the nation have no issue with the rules of the road, there are specific laws out there in certain parts of the country that are so absurd that it might make you want to ride your bike instead. There are some laws that you question what had previously o...

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Product Image
January 3rd, 2013
Keyless Entry of the Future

Some 4,000 years ago keys were made out of wood, metal keys between the years 870 and 900, and then flat metal keys were introduced in the 20th century. And now in the automobile industry, keys that are physically inserted into the ignition that require some effort (twisting the key) might soon find itself an artifact. Cars today still come with keys of course but their use is minimal, acting as a sort of object to have to enter and start your car without any physical exertion. But as automobile technology continues to grow, a new type of entry system and even ignition is inevitable. ...

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