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Car Guy

Car Guy

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September 9th, 2011

How to Accessorize Your Ride

Accessorizing and personalizing your “ride” is on an upward trend. People of all walks of life are turning to the days of yesteryear, when cruising in your car was an exciting experience every day. Today, people are keeping their cars longer and are realizing that by spending some time and money on customizing and personalizing their ride, it can give them the upgrades they want without simply buying a new car and wasting tons of money. This way they can enjoy their build and take great pride in the uniqueness and style that they express themselves through their ride. 

The first step to begin customizing your car or truck is to map it out. Learn all the popular trends and brands that are available to your vehicle. Try to cover something from each category; maintain it with quality replacement parts, beef it up with top quality performance parts and accessories, crank it up with a rocking car stereo upgrade and video system, secure it with a security system with convenience options like remote start for those hot or cold days, upgrade larger wheels and tires with chrome or aluminum rims and performance tires, tint the windows, protect your paint with clear-bra paint protection film, custom paint or vehicle wrap and graphics will set you apart from novice customization.

The second step is to narrow down the list of products to your liking and then start shopping to find the best brands, best price, and best service. Remember, the lowest price may not always the best place to buy. You must consider: do they have the parts in stock, are they an authorized dealer for the products you are purchasing, do they have a good warranty policy, are they a reputable company that provides a good warranty, do they have professional and knowledgeable customer service that will help you get the right parts you want.

After you have found all the products and services that you want to do to your ride, break down which products you want to install yourself and which products require professional installations outside your comfort level. Be sure to find yourself a quality service and installation center capable of professional installation to budget your project and plan your installation and timeline.

The third step is to execute the plan; order your parts, schedule your installation and prioritize the sequence of your vehicle accessory parts and personalization services. Perform any professional services done by your installer first, then you can complete the finishing touches with the easy-install products you plan to do on your own. Don’t forget to use your car care products last to make sure your car is clean, polished and sparkles before you take it out on the town to show it off to the world.

By Charles J. Bonfiglio,
President and CEO
Auto Parts Network

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