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Home > Blog > Accessories > Why Use Vent Visors - Vent Visor Uses and Benefits Blog
Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler

Serving up the latest and greatest news from APN.

Product Image

February 27th, 2012

Why Use Vent Visors - Vent Visor Uses and Benefits

Wondering why and if you should install vent visors to your vehicle? We’ll tell you why. 

It can get stuffy inside a vehicle, and it’s natural to want to let in a little fresh air, but when it’s raining out or there’s risk of dust or debris getting in, you might think twice about hitting the automatic window button.

Vent visors are shaped plastic guards that attach to the front seals of your side windows. Made from durable acrylic, these vehicle accessories are lifesavers when you want to let some air in without inviting all the other stuff that might be flying by. Vent visors can prevent entry of dust when cruising less than paved terrain and are the perfect defense against a moist shoulder when you want to enjoy some fresh air while driving in the rain. They aren’t too effective with the windows down all the way, but for a few inches to let in a cool breeze they’re just the trick.

Installing vent visors is easy, and they can be added to any window for both driver and passenger protection. They are also available in different colors for nearly any type of vehicle.

If you find yourself hesitant to crack the windows for fear of rain, dust, or other debris getting in, vent visors are the perfect tool for your drive. Start enjoying the fresh air with a new vent visor by shopping APN’s selection of discount vent visors today.  

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John S
Posted 2 years ago
Comment Image
My Vent Visors are old and cracked, but I found the right vent visors on your site. Do they contain instructions on how to install them? I entered my email already. Thanks.
Posted 1 year ago
Comment Image
Surprisingly well-written and informative for a free onnlie article.
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