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Charles J. Bonfiglio

Charles J. Bonfiglio

Charles J. Bonfiglio is the President and CEO of the Meineke Car Care Centers in Weston, FL and Sunrise, FL, as well as Franchise President/CEO/Owner of TintWorld Automotive Styling Centers.

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March 20th, 2013

Spring Cleaning for Cars


By Charles J. Bonfiglio

You’ve probably finished spring cleaning your house, now it’s time to turn to your car. You don’t necessarily have to spend an entire day cleaning your car, although washing and waxing it is important to keeping it looking its best. But, simply by keeping up with basic vehicle maintenance tasks, not only will you improve the safety and dependability of your vehicle, but it will also help you swerve away from any pricey repairs in the future.

Your vehicle has probably been through a lot these past couple of months as cooler temperatures and wet weather spread across the nation. Start the rejuvenation process from inside out. Examining components around the engine—checking fluid levels of your vehicle’s oil, antifreeze or even windshield wiper fluid—will give you a good indication of what needs to be replenished. Inspecting belts for cracks, looking for leaks around the exhaust system, and checking to see if the connections to the battery are corrosion-free are all simple tasks to ensure that your vehicle will be running smoothly with no potential issues at bay.

One of the most important items on your vehicle that is directly affected by fluctuating temperatures is the air pressure in your tires. Check your vehicle’s tires to be sure that they are properly inflated to the manufacturers’ specifications. Balanced tires are also a crucial element for your ride’s wheels as well as getting them rotated. Properly inflated and balanced tires that have been rotated will improve gas mileage and will save you money on not having to replace them prematurely.

Rainy season is just around the corner, so now is the time to check your windshield wipers. Windshield wipers get a workout in South Florida and could be worn out, especially if you haven’t changed them within the last couple of years. If you notice the blades are cracked, torn, or brittle, get them replaced. Consider new windshield blades that are more durable and efficient to increase your visibility on the road during the rain.

As for spring cleaning, if you haven’t cleaned your car yet, take the time to do it now. No matter how hard you tried to buff off any water or mud from your shoes before entering your vehicle on rainy days, there’s no doubt that some moisture got in there. Scrubbing and vacuuming the carpet will revive the material; take the extra step and apply a carpet and fabric protection solution to maximize your effort. As for the exterior, despite the possibility of more rain, if you did not do so the past couple of months, your vehicle can really use a wash to rinse away residue and dirt it accumulated. Again, an extra step like applying a fresh coat of wax or paint sealant will add additional protection and beauty to your paint system.


Charles J. Bonfiglio is the President and CEO of the Meineke Car Care Centers and Tint World in Weston and Sunrise. The Weston location is at 2629 Weston Road and can be reached at (954) 385-8696. There is also a Meineke conveniently located on Sunrise Boulevard across from the Sawgrass Mills Mall. 

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