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Home > Blog > Brands > Accel > ACCELerate faster with Accel's 8mm Spark Plug Wires Blog
Welcome to the Accel Blog. To View Products for this Brand, Visit the Accel Product Page!
ACCEL Blog - ACCELerate faster with Accel's 8mm Spark Plug Wires
Anatoliy Inotayev

Anatoliy Inotayev

Passionate about Cars (and most of the parts which go into making one), about Driving (when everything is functioning as it should!), about Life, and about Success. Not passionate about working on Cars in 25 or 95 degree weather!

Product Image

August 8th, 2011

ACCELerate faster with Accel's 8mm Spark Plug Wires

Acura Integra Type-R owners now have another quality choice in performance Spark Plug Wires from Accel.  Their Custom Fit 300+ Thunder Sport spark plug wires are 8mm in diameter and come in Yellow (a great match to the factory Yellow colored Type-Rs), Red or Blue.  We’ll make sure to have them delivered to you in the least amount of time possible so that you can begin enjoying the newly added performance these wires deliver to your already Hot Integra Type-R!  Check them out here:

Posted 12 months ago
Comment Image
replaced all 8 coils on my 2000 Grand Marquis after one went out and started cansiug all kinds of problems. There was not a noticeable miss, but under a load, the computer would just shut down and the engine would quit. It would start again if you waited a few minutes. I replaced the plugs and then had a dead miss. I tracked down the cylinder that was missing, and replaced that coil only. That fixed the problem, but then I found out that Ford recommends you replace these coils at 100,000 miles, so I went ahead and did the other 7. The car runs better now than it has in years! Be sure you buy some di-electric grease at an auto parts store, as they don't package it with the coils. It keeps moisture away from the electrical connections.
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