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Product Image
December 5th, 2011
AEM ETI (Electronically Tuned Intake), System And Why It Works So Well

The AEM Subaru WRX STI which was unveiled at SEMA 2011delivers an amazing extra 35 horsepower with 36 foot pounds of torque to the wheels.  AEM accomplishes this utilizing a dual air intake system and an ETI or electronically tuned intake.  ETI allows AEM to maintain the original diameter of the air intake tubing at the throttle body, delivering more air flow for greater power gains.  The ETI communicates electronically with the mass air flow sensor, ensuring the correct amount of fuel is always delivered depending on the demands being placed on your engine, taking into account the larger diameter tubing.  Many air intake systems will “detune” or reduce the size of the intake tube at the mass air flow sensor, compromising performance. The Ni...

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Product Image
September 6th, 2011
AEM Performance Electronics Has the Performance Enhancing Tools You Need!

Everyone has heard of AEM’s air intakes, as well as their lifetime cleanable air filters, but did you know AEM also has a large variety of electronic performance products?  AEM Performance Electronics encompasses a broad range of performance enhancing products for your vehicle.  One of the most interesting products they offer are Water/Methanol Injection Kits.  Water/Methanol Injection is a very effective and inexpensive way to increase the power your gas or diesel engine is capable of producing.  In a gasoline engine water/methanol injection will deliver more power and will do so with a wider safety margin because of the lower air inlet temperatures and the fact that water/methanol has a lower chance of detonation.  Turbo diesel engines will see a fair...

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Product Image
August 8th, 2011
Add Power, Style, MPG and some Bark with AEM’s Cold Air Intakes

I’ve always loved the smooth sounding VQ35DE V6 engine found in a lot of the Nissan and Infiniti models.  It’s a very powerful engine from the factory but could stand to benefit from a little more power, in my opinion.  An AEM Cold Air Intake designed specifically for your VQ35DE equipped Nissan or Infiniti model will give you that and more.  The added power is a very welcomed addition, but the added growl of the newly found power is what makes me smile!  These Cold Air Intakes are made of aluminum mandrel bent tubing, come with silicone couplers and a very efficient Air Filter....

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