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Home > Blog > Brands > Flowmaster > Flowmaster – A Properly Designed Exhaust System DOES Make a Difference! Blog
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FLOWMASTER Blog - Flowmaster – A Properly Designed Exhaust System DOES Make a Difference!
Charles J. Bonfiglio

Charles J. Bonfiglio

Charles J. Bonfiglio is the President and CEO of the Meineke Car Care Centers in Weston, FL and Sunrise, FL, as well as Franchise President/CEO/Owner of TintWorld Automotive Styling Centers.

Product Image

May 7th, 2013

Flowmaster – A Properly Designed Exhaust System DOES Make a Difference!

Recently Flowmaster received a story that perfectly illustrates the difference a properly designed exhaust can make – and the negative impact an improperly designed exhaust system can have on performance.  A client told Flowmaster the story about his highly customized 1968 Mustang, into which he had put a significant amount of money for the drivetrain, only to find when he put it on a dyno that he was only getting 258 horsepower (out of a 427cid, 485hp engine!).  The problem was so severe that the shop who was working on the Mustang even wondered if the engine was damaged, and began preparation for the process of tearing the engine down to inspect it.  As the exhaust system was removed from the car, the mechanic noted the small diameter tubing and the small, round, glasspack-style mufflers that were being utilized.  Suspecting at that point that the problem really was with the exhaust system, he put the Mustang back on the dyno with open headers and found the engine was now producing 398.5 RWHP and increased torque.  At this point the mechanic contacted Flowmaster and a proper show-quality exhaust system was designed for the Mustang.  After installing the new Flowmaster Exhaust System and putting the Mustang back on the dyno, RWHP of 399.0 was achieved, along with increased torque.  The end result is that with the proper Magnaflow Exhaust design this owner is now getting the performance out of his unique 1968 Mustang that he expected.

Even though there was already an aftermarket exhaust system installed on this Mustang, it was improperly designed for this vehicle and had a serious negative impact on the performance of this car.  This story perfectly illustrates how important it is to have the right exhaust system for your vehicle, in order to maximize performance.

You can trust Flowmaster for the correct exhaust system for your vehicle, whatever that vehicle is and whatever your performance needs are!

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