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Welcome to the Magnaflow Blog. To View Products for this Brand, Visit the Magnaflow Product Page!
MAGNAFLOW Blog - Help your Engine Exhale Freely with high quality exhaust products!
Anatoliy Inotayev

Anatoliy Inotayev

Passionate about Cars (and most of the parts which go into making one), about Driving (when everything is functioning as it should!), about Life, and about Success. Not passionate about working on Cars in 25 or 95 degree weather!

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August 8th, 2011

Help your Engine Exhale Freely with high quality exhaust products!

We need to praise Automotive engineers more often for their ingenious creations such as the Engine in the millions of cars in existence and on our roads.  An unbelievable amount of time and money goes into conceptualizing, designing, testing, retesting and then marketing a new engine.  These engineers have to be able to design an engine which conforms to very strict emission standards, noise level standards, vibration standards, fuel efficiency standards, longevity standards and much more in the most cost efficient way possible.  It is safe to say that these guys know what they are doing!  For example, the factory installed exhaust components of a 2011 Ford Mustang have been designed with cost effectiveness in mind.  They have also been designed to cater to those drivers who prefer a more discreet ride (probably about 97% of the drivers on the road).  Magnaflow’s engineers, on the other hand, are very good at extracting more power and the hidden voice of most of these engines in one way or another.  Installing free flowing exhaust components, such as those offered by Magnaflow, helps to reduce backpressure created throughout the engine when the burnt exhaust gases are not able to leave the engine fast enough.  Reducing backpressure reduces heat and allows the engine to be more efficient and make more horsepower overall.  Magnaflow now offers Stainless Steel Competition and Street Cat-back systems, Metallic Core Direct fitting catalytic converters, Race only pipes and Axle-back systems along with other product for your 2011 V8 or V6 Ford Mustangs.  Check them out here:

Posted 2 years ago
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This “free sharing” of inforatmion seems too good to be true. Like communism.
longchamp outlet
Posted 11 months ago
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thats was nice information
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