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Home > Blog > Brands > Moog > Federal-Mogul Expands MOOG Steering And Suspension Parts Blog
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MOOG Blog - Federal-Mogul Expands MOOG Steering And Suspension Parts
Linda Macfarlane

Linda Macfarlane

I am Chief Copywriter for Auto Parts Network. I get to write automotive-related stuff all day long - what could be better?! Except driving or riding, of course ...

Product Image

October 7th, 2011

Federal-Mogul Expands MOOG Steering And Suspension Parts

Federal-Mogul has added almost 60 MOOG high-volume replacement control arms, sway bar links, ball joints, tie rod ends, coil springs and other parts for late-model European, Asian and domestic applications.  MOOG provides the widest variety of parts for North American passenger vehicles for the service industry.

The newest MOOG parts that have been added include control arms for millions of Jeep (Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler), Dodge truck (Ram 2500 and 3500), and Dodge/Plymouth (Neon), applications; sway bar link kits for almost 250,000 Dodge Dakota and Mitsubishi Raider models; five inner tie rod end designs for almost 500,000 late-model Infiniti models; outer tie rods for over 200,000 Mazda CX-7 and CX-9 models; and 23 constant-rate coil springs for a wide range of Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and Nissan applications.

In addition, MOOG also now offers the first lower ball joints for more than 350,000 Lexus GS and IS series models to be available for the automotive aftermarket.

MOOG continues to expand its coverage as vehicles enter the aftermarket repair cycle, including an exhaustive variety of control arms equipped with premium MOOG ball joints for a long-lasting repair.  MOOG provides the best foreign-nameplate and domestic coverage in the industry!

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