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Home > Blog > Performance > K&N Offers Free Performance Air Filters for Product Testing Blog
Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler

Serving up the latest and greatest news from APN.

Product Image

December 1st, 2011

K&N Offers Free Performance Air Filters for Product Testing


A few weeks ago we told you about Bully Dog and how they offer free products to customers that donate their vehicles for a couple days of new product testing. Offering up your vehicle for testing is a great chance to get some free auto upgrades, and there’s no risk to your vehicle, but Bully Dog isn’t the only manufacturer that does it.

Need a New Performance Air Filter?

If you head to K&N’s website ( you’ll see some places all over the world where they are calling vehicle owners of all makes and models to donate a few days of their ride to test the performance of their redesigned air filters and intake kits. They’re also interested in a few motorcycles and ATVs.
Just like Bully Dog, these aren’t experimental parts. They have already been tested for safety in the labs – K&N is just looking for some data to see how the new products perform in your everyday vehicles. They’ll need your ride for 1-5 days, but if you help them out, they’ll reward you with the new product free of charge once it hits mass production.

No Testing in Your Area?

Testing areas can be pretty limited, or maybe you just can’t wait for that new air filter upgrade. No problem – you can always shop K&N air filters here on APN at the lowest prices around.   

Posted 1 year ago
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