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Home > Blog > Performance > Torrey, the Meineke/Tint World/Auto Parts Network Kitten Blog
Linda Macfarlane

Linda Macfarlane

I am Chief Copywriter for Auto Parts Network. I get to write automotive-related stuff all day long - what could be better?! Except driving or riding, of course ...

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December 7th, 2011

Torrey, the Meineke/Tint World/Auto Parts Network Kitten

I work for Auto Parts Network, but being the small start-up E-commerce company that we are at this point in time, our offices are on the back side of a Meineke shop (which also includes a Tint World franchise).  The owner of Auto Parts Network, Charles Bonfiglio, also owns this Meineke franchise (and the Tint World franchise), and is utilizing this space for offices to try and keep start-up costs for Auto Parts Network low, which we pass on to our customers in lower prices.  This will be a great story for the future, when we are a big successful company, you know how it goes, “Remember when our offices were on the back side of a Meineke shop?  Ha, ha, ha!”  But I digress.

The other day I was walking around the Meineke/Tint World/Auto Parts Network building and happened to notice a bunch of tough-looking Meineke and Tint World mechanics on their hands and knees looking under the battery rack in a garage bay and of course had to stop and ask what they were doing.  “We’re trying to catch a little wild kitten!” they replied.  Just a few seconds later they were able to catch the tiny little black and white kitten.  The guys were worried she would end up hit by a car in the parking lot or crossing the busy road the Meineke/Tint World/Auto Parts Network shop/office is on and had chased the kitten halfway around the building in order to catch her.  What a great bunch of guys!

There was no sign of a mommy kitty or other kittens in sight, so I took the little kitten home to allow her to de-stress and eat something (I have two cats myself and rescue stray and feral cats from time to time), since she was very thin.  I took her to my own vet the next day and obviously she’s a little girl, just under 8 weeks old, appears healthy and only weighs 1-1/2 pounds!  So she is definitely underweight for her age and I am doing my best to fatten her up.  Although she was a feral kitten, because she’s so young she has gotten socialized very quickly and easily.  Within a few days I was able to give her a bath, clip her claws, clean her ears, comb and brush her without any trouble.  She is very friendly and lovable, and will be a wonderful cat.  I’m calling her Torrey and would actually like to find her a home, since I already have two female cats and female cats tend to be very territorial, so I don’t think my two girls would take to a new female interloper.  But there are always more cats than homes out there, so I could end up adopting her myself, in spite of the best-laid plans!  And of course I’ve already gotten very attached to the little cutie.

So there you have it - another day in the life at Meineke/Tint World/Auto Parts Network!

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