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Home > Blog > Performance > Toyota's Fun-Vii Concept Car Gives Me the Creeps Blog
Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler

Serving up the latest and greatest news from APN.

Product Image

December 16th, 2011

Toyota's Fun-Vii Concept Car Gives Me the Creeps

Toyota recently released a video to promote their concept car, the Fun-Vii. The new concept car is shown to have a digital display as an exterior, allowing for instant graphical changes like you would with a cell phone background, full-windshield navigational displays, and a general bombardment of images and colors that are more likely to induce a seizure than help you with your daily commute. 

The video showcases all the potential high-tech features of the Fun-Vii as used in a futuristic cityscape that seems to have been dreamt up by an eleven year old with an unhealthy fascination with  the movie, Tron. It's difficult to explain the future Toyota is envisioning, but basically it's a world in which everyone wears all white uniforms, drive cell phone cars, and live a life more like a arcade video game than anything else.

At the end of the video the main characters congregate in a stadium of other white uniformed citizens who have all parked their own Fun-Vii cars to create one giant panoramic video screen which explodes in a digital fireworks display. I'll give them plenty of credit for originality, but something about the whole scene gives me a chill down my spine that lingers until I get into my car and turn the ignition without a futuristic airline hostess popping up on my dashboard.

I'll just say the level of uniformity of the characters and the other participants in the final ceremony paints a picture that is less than democratic. And while the Fun-Vii has a lot of innovative features, I hope the future Toyota has imagined is still very far away.

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