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Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler

Serving up the latest and greatest news from APN.

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February 29th, 2012

Easy Ways to Save Fuel


Gas prices are still rising, and the cost to fill up has jumped significantly even since our post about 3 Low Cost Auto Parts that Improve Gas Mileage. The climbing prices have made everyone more conscious of their gas consumption and made them desperate to find ways to up their fuel economy and lower their bills.
There are many ways to reduce fuel consumption and many are just simple changes to driving habits, or things to be aware of. We recently found a helpful article about gas consumption and the simple things you can do to reduce waste. Read on for a few fuel-saving tips you can use to save some cash and have more to spend on the stuff you really want for your car – like auto accessories and performance parts from APN.
Watch Your Speed
They speeding doesn’t pay, and at the pump that’s true. Fuel economy for most vehicles drops significantly once speeds above 60MPH are reached. So slow down, enjoy the scenery, and save some money.
Clean Out the Trunk
Every extra pound you’re hauling increases fuel consumption. Clean out your car and get rid of anything you don’t need for a lighter vehicle and a more fuel-efficient commute.
Do It All in One Trip
It takes more gas starting a car cold than once warmed up. Prevent unnecessary cold starts by doing all your driving in one go. Try doing incorporating errands into your daily commute instead of cooling your car in the driveway just to start it up again in a few hours.
Replace Parts Regularly
Parts that aren’t working optimally put strain on your vehicle and your fuel economy. Regular tune ups and oil changes are surefire ways of ensuring optimal fuel use. Read 3 Low Cost Auto Parts that Improve Gas Mileage for details.

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