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April 2nd, 2013
The Millennials Market

As baby boomers are currently the biggest group in terms of buying power in vehicle sales—this particular generation spends the most for each of the cars they buy—automakers are taking notice for the arrival of a new group that not only outnumber the boomers but also demand different types of vehicles. The choice of vehicles for Generation Y (aka Millennials) have car manufacturers in a haze—although the younger generation represents about 40% of the nation’s potential car buying population, fewer and fewer Millennials are even considering to take part of the American car culture. ...

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March 21st, 2013
Car-2-Car Tech

Imagine the congested city streets of New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. Now, imagine those same streets traffic free, drivers and their vehicles going where they need to go without the bumper-to-bumper headache—it’s a miracle. Volvo Corporation, along with other European automakers, has joined General Motors’ Car-2-Car Communication Corporate to safely eliminate common drier mistakes that results in a collision. Safety is always at the top of priorities when it comes to new vehicle technology, but with that said, the same technology has many other benefits which include an overall easier commute. ...

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February 19th, 2013
Modern Classic Cars

The automotive industry is a continuous cycle of style and trends—combining nostalgic design with modern features. While cars that manage to merge the old with the new come at a hefty price (obviously) these vehicles can be considered machines from the past, back from the future. The Mechatronik M-Coupe 280SE for example brings back a retro vibe from the wholesome 50’s (even though it’s based on the ’70 280SE) yet the interior is equipped with standard features any modern car would have. With classic lines and an up-to-date navigati...

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January 3rd, 2013
Keyless Entry of the Future

Some 4,000 years ago keys were made out of wood, metal keys between the years 870 and 900, and then flat metal keys were introduced in the 20th century. And now in the automobile industry, keys that are physically inserted into the ignition that require some effort (twisting the key) might soon find itself an artifact. Cars today still come with keys of course but their use is minimal, acting as a sort of object to have to enter and start your car without any physical exertion. But as automobile technology continues to grow, a new type of entry system and even ignition is inevitable. ...

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December 28th, 2012
5 Tips for Buying a Used Car

If you’re in the market to buy a used car, there are a few things to keep in mind that may make the whole process less of a hassle. Buying used definitely had its benefits, including saving money on insurance and the possibility of finding a great bargain First, since used car seekers can’t be picky it’s a good idea to have a few cars in mind with similar features that you would be okay with owning. Second, after narrowing down the kind of car you want, do some research. Find out if there are any known issues with that make and model and if specific parts are known to break...

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December 4th, 2012
"Driver Assists" YouTube Channel

Perhaps to prepare consumers for what seems to be the inevitable inclusion of self driving technologies in vehicles—features like automatic start and stop,  active parking assist, and blind spot monitoring —Auto Alliance has recently announced the debut of a “Driver Assists” channel on YouTube. As the LA Auto Show is currently showing off these new technologies, Auto Alliance created the channel with intentions to familiarize consumers with how it works. Wi...

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Product Image
November 20th, 2012
Amazing Brands That Ran Out of Gas

For every generation, there seems to be an iconic car that epitomizes that specific era. But for some reason, even though a variety of vehicles have reached cult status, they’re no longer in production and now probably re-branded as a classic. There’s nothing wrong with that—car brands, makes, and models come and go—but here’s a couple vehicles that unfortunately ran out of gas in the long run. Literally guzzling through gas was GM’s Hummer. Making h...

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Product Image
October 30th, 2012
Futuristic Car Features

There aren’t any flying cars yet but that doesn’t mean that there are some cool futuristic car features coming soon (or are already here). While the idea of hovercrafts are pulled from sci-fi literature, movies, and The Jetsons, automakers are focusing on features that help drivers navigate the road in more safe and efficient ways. Take the Blind Spot Intervention and Automatic Lane Correction system. Whatever the situation, we’ve all had close calls with other vehicles because of blind spots or drifting into another lane. The Blind Spot Intervention featur...

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Product Image
September 11th, 2012
Silver Is Out, White Is In

  Despite the fact that the iCar from Apple never happening (you can see what could have been here), it seems like Apple still has an influence in the automotive industry. For a minute, think about Apple products, what comes to mind? Minimal, sleek, and white. We’ve covered how important color is when it comes to vehicles—it reflects the times and attitude of buyers and sellers alike. For the past decade, silver has been the dominant color among automakers (the shade is easily the best color to show off a car’s styling) and consumers. However, with Apple’s plethora of white products in the market, they’ve been able to take the pigment-less color into high-end, luxury territory....

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Product Image
January 11th, 2012
Best Parking Job Ever?

I’ve seen cars end up in some bizarre places – on top of other cars, on lawns, and through the front of store windows, but all of those feats have been put to shame by a California man who successfully landed his (he stole it actually, so not his) car on top of a house. No ramps were involved, just speed and idiocy. After stealing a 4 door sedan, the man reportedly lost control of the vehicle at a high speed before being launched into the air and perching cleanly on top of the slanted roof of a California home. After sticking the landing, the car thief fled from the scene (the first ‘hit’ of a rooftop I’m sure) and was apprehended shortly after.   No one was serio...

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Product Image
December 15th, 2011
See 2 Million Car Crashes in One Video

It might not be the kind of carnage you would imagine 2 million car crashes to look like, but the new BBC data graphic and corresponding video tells a much more valuable story than a pile of wreckage. The image on this post is actually a graphical map of every injury car crash on the roads of Great Britain at a point in time from 1999 – 2010. Each data point has also been strung together to animate a video that flashes every crash over 24 hours of every day during the entire 12 year period.  It’s actually about 2.4 million crashes total, the data from which have been used to create heat-map images and an animated video of every crash from the past decade. The picture may look like an aerial view of night city lights, but each flash represents an accident...

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Product Image
October 13th, 2011
World’s Oldest Running Car Sells for 4.6 Million

This past Friday, a car sold for $4.62 million dollars at An RM Auctions Event in Hershey Pennsylvania. It wasn’t a one-of-a-kind concept car, or a super sports car prototype, or even the amphibious Lotus Esprit featured in The Spy Who Loved Me. Instead, the vehicle up for purchase was a French made 1884 steam powered four-wheeler – the oldest running car in the world.  Properly named the De Dion Bouton Et Trapardoux Dos-a-Dos Steam Roundabout, this hot rod topped out at 38mph in its prime with a range of 20 miles on a tank of water. Only 20 were manufactured and 6 remain. The particular piece sold was also the winner (and the sole participant) in the world’s first auto race, which could be part of the reason it claimed such a high price at auction. ...

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Product Image
October 6th, 2011
3 Low Cost Auto Parts that Improve Gas Mileage

With gas prices rising like a flood tide, many drivers are looking for a way to get the highest possible fuel economy out of their vehicles. Though some find the answer in hybrid cars, and other new (expensive) technologies, there are also some good old basic auto maintenance fixes that can significantly increase your mileage. In this post we’ve listed three low-cost automotive parts that can be affordably checked and replaced to save you cash at the pumps. 1. Air Filters A dirty air filter limits air flow to the engine, causing immediate drops in horsepower, performance, and gas m...

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Product Image
September 7th, 2011
My not so great experience with Honda. Why the dealer isn't the best place to go for auto parts and repair!

Over the years. I have had many great and 'not so great' experiences with my car.  I have a 2005 Honda Civic, which I love deeply, but what I don't love is the repair aspect of my car... namely getting ripped off for the repair costs. My latest 'not so great ' experience was when I went to the Honda Dealer to get one of my visors replaced.  For some reason (I am guessing the intense Florida heat) my visors were coming apart at the seams. I expected that would be the only thing to get replaced, but unfortunately I was wrong.  I was told that I needed two tires replaced, plus I needed them rotated and alligned.  I wanted to see how much everything would cost, so I agreed to wait for the 45 min time period.  After TWO hours I was t...

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Product Image
September 1st, 2011
Post-Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

Summertime is hell on your wheels. High temperatures. Long roadtrips. Your car takes a beating during summer and now that the season is winding down, it's time that you start thinking about giving your car a little post-summer TLC. Here are a few things to check and maintain to avoid any post-summer breakdowns: Coolant and Radiator Engines are fiery infernos that burn optimally at 200 degrees. Any hotter and the metal can actually melt and fuse. That, needless to say, is not good. To keep your engine running at an optimal temperature, flush your radiator before and after summer, and keep it filled with a good mixture of coolant. Windshield Wipe...

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Product Image
August 26th, 2011
Introducing APN Auto Body Parts!

Auto Parts Network is proud to introduce our very own line of body replacement parts and supplies, APN Auto Body Parts.  APN Auto Body Parts offers the most comprehensive selection of high-quality in-stock auto body parts at the best prices.  Our quality auto parts are protected by a lifetime warranty and maintain a full, ready to ship inventory of all our collision parts, so you can be confident in knowing that you will have direct access to not only the leading auto body parts brand with the highest quality aftermarket replacement parts possible, but can also count on getting your vehicle back on the road in original condition without delays, with peace-of-mind that your vehicle will look like n...

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August 18th, 2011 Features Accurate Real-Time Inventory!

You may not realize it as you’re ordering parts at, but as you’re looking around at parts, putting in your vehicle make, model and year, you’re looking at actual, accurate real-time inventory.  This is a rare thing in the online automotive parts ordering world.  How many times have you ordered parts online, assuming you will see your parts in a few days, since you got no indication otherwise through the whole check-out process, only to find out later (sometimes even days later, since often you get no notification of a backorder situation and have to actually go yourself to the website to check on the status of your order before you find out), that one or more items are on backorder?  This is extremely frustrating and it can even t...

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Product Image
August 16th, 2011
From The Woman’s Point Of View - Mechanic Horror Stories

I have had the (in my opinion), good fortune to be born into a long line of mechanics.  Granted, they are all aircraft mechanics, but they all worked on cars, too.  I’ve never really been the “girly-girl” type.  All my life I’ve been much more interested in listening to my dad, brother and uncle talk about airplanes and cars than the conversations women have about babies, hair, makeup, clothes, shopping, etc.  Consequently, I love cars.  And motorcycles (yep, I ride a motorcycle, too – and I RIDE MY OWN, not 2-up).  Trucks are pretty cool, too.  But cars – I love the little Japanese tuners, as well as the big V8s; especially the big V8s, since I grew up with those.  The Chevelle rules!  My favorite from ...

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Product Image
July 25th, 2011
Should you use (OEM) Original Equipment Auto Parts vs. Aftermarket Auto Parts when repairing your Vehicle?

Should you use (OEM) Original Equipment Auto Parts vs. Aftermarket Auto Parts when repairing your Vehicle? When taking your vehicle for service, do you ever think about what kind of parts are being installed on your vehicle? If you take it to the car dealership for service, you can expect Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. If you take it to an aftermarket repair shop you'll most likely expect Aftermarket auto parts, although quality aftermarket service centers will offer consumers the option of using OEM Auto Parts or Aftermarket Auto Parts, which is an advantage for consumers, because Car Dealerships only offer OEM Parts.   What is the difference? Which has better quality? ...

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