Lexani R04 22 in.

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Concave Series;1-piece forged monoblock lightweight alloy wheel;Innovative spoke design;One-year Lexani warranty


Lexani knows what it takes to become a trend-setter. Years of experience unique design solutions and devotion to exceptional quality helped Lexani climb the ladder to success and gain lifelong admirers. The brands enjoy a well-deserved reputation as world-class manufacturers of the premium custom rims. Understanding that the world of luxury is extremely competitive Lexani goes all out to create products that capture the imagination of clientele with the perfection of design and quality. Lexani Wheels is all about quality and precision. It is not another brand that offers nice custom wheels it's a new standard that elevates manufacturing of aftermarket rims to the whole new level a level that is synonymous with luxury. Established in 1996 in sunny California Lexani fills the market with the hottest and the most luxurious custom rims ever created. Forged from the world-class materials and expertly finished Lexani wheels are a lavish addition to any vehicle. Whether covered in a dazzling chrome finish or custom colored to match your vehicle's body Lexani rims stand out wherever you are. If you know that you require something special for your vehicle custom wheels by Lexani are exactly what you need. And if you're still not sure whether you need that mod just look through customer reviews and you'll be certain to get a set if Lexani rims. Crafted using the most advanced design and manufacturing methods Lexani wheels are unique in every way. The magic starts with the bright ideas of the design team. After a wheel is designed it is computerized for measurements and bolt patterns to ensure precise fit and easy installation. Then comes the multistage forging process when a custom rim is formed. Because of the enormous pressure involved the metal becomes extremely compact which means there will be no porosity or voids that can lead to cracks or corrosion. And keep in mind that due to the dense structure a forged wheel maintains its luster for a much longer period of time compared to a cast wheel. Lexani creates the strongest and the most lightweight monoblock and 3-piece forged wheels. ''Monoblock'' is the industry term for a 1-piece wheel which is a wheel that features a single unit design with no removable components. Monoblock rims are manufactured from a round bar stock of lightweight alloy usually a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. A 3-piece wheel is made up of the center outer hoop and inner hoop. The three parts are bolted together after the finishing. Forged 3-piece rims are the most popular among customers as they offer perfect fitments and are easy to customize by painting or plating. Another benefit is that a 3-piece wheel is easy to repair if damaged as hoops are easy to replace. With over a decade of experience Lexani develops the most alluring and strong custom wheels ever. The company provides dozens of high-end designs and finishes and we've gathered all of them under one roof. Whether you need a charming black rim or a captivating chrome wheel or anything in between we have all the options. Lexani offers sizes that satisfy even the most discerning aficionados. Want your vehicle to sit on elegant 17" custom wheels? Need a set of enormous 29" rims? Lexani has all the options for you including the most popular 19-inch 20-inch and 22-inch wheels. Offering aerospace precision and haute couture style Lexani are the best custom rims that money can buy.

Additional Information

Bolt Pattern (Number of Lugs X PCD mm) 5x127
Offset (mm) 35mm
Base Color Black
Color / Finish Details Gloss Black With Cnc Milled Accents
Series Lexani R04
Wheel Style 5-spoke
Wheel Construction 1-Piece
Offset Range (mm) High (35 +)
Wheel Diameter (in.) 22 in.
Wheel Width (in.) 10 in.
Wheel Load Rating (lbs.) 2200
Hub Bore (mm) 78
Back Spacing 6.88 in.
Recommended Tire Size 265/30R22, 265/35R22, 275/35R22, 275/45R22, 285/30R22, 285/35R22, 295/25R22, 295/30R22, 295/40R22, 305/40R22, 305/45R22, 265/35R22, 305/40R22, 305/45R22